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Devon Rewilding Network

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About Us

Ambios Ltd are excited to be working in collaboration with The Woodland Trust and Rewilding Britain to help facilitate a network of people based in Devon, who are interested in rewilding. 

We understand that rewilding can mean different things to different people, and that connecting with people in a variety of ways is vital to change the way we view our natural world.

The first phase of this forum will be to act as a notice board, where the most recent and relevant events and content on rewilding in Devon will be posted. We would love to share rewilding events, stories and news pieces from across the county and so if you have content you would like to contribute/share with others please email [email protected].

Who is the Devon Rewilding Network for?

The Devon Rewilding Network is open to anyone with an interest in rewilding in Devon. We are seeking and welcoming input from land owners/managers, educators (primary, secondary, FE and HE), social scientists, government bodies, ecologists, farmers, researchers, artists, community and interest groups, students.... and rewilding enthusiasts, present and future!

Why Join Us?

Join us to find out more about the exciting rewilding events and news across Devon. We hope to create a space where knowledge and experiences can be shared and different approaches to rewilding can be discussed.

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